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Sexual Conditions Overview

In a culture which is overwhelmingly dominated by sex, it represents much more than just procreation or recreation. For many, sexuality is a building block for self-esteem and happiness. Decline in sexual desire can cause significant distress and can cause serious relationship issues by undermining physical and emotional intimacy. Decline in sexual desire can lead to psychological and physicaldistress.

Hypo-active sexual desire (low libido) is common among women of all ages and lifestyles.Many women are reluctant tospeak out about this severely distressing problem. They may feel inhibited by, social or cultural expectations. Sexual intimacy starts to take a back seat until the problem becomes overwhelming and starts to affect their relationships negatively.

There has been a proliferation of recent research and clinical interest in sexual pharmacology especially after the advent of Viagra. The launch of Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) for erectile dysfunction was a defining event in modern medicine. However, this did not help resolve the sexual problems that women experience. Decreased desire, painful sex, inability to achieve orgasm and other sexual problems which may stem from physical, emotional, physiological or cultural issues.

At FusionGYN, a comprehensive approach is utilized to help women address these sexual problems in order to embark on a satisfying and fulfilling experience.

A sex therapist is a professional who, in addition to his/her basic training and qualifications, has extensive training in all aspects of human sexuality and the treatment of sexual dysfunctions and disorders. At fusionGYN, we believe that women who suffer from sexual dysfunction, of any kind, must be evaluated and treated in an environment that affords them the dignity and respect they deserve.

Dr. Gupta, an obstetrician and gynecologist utilizes her excellent medical training to provide an across-the-board approach in addressing the variety of sexual disorders in women. In addition to being a board certified Ob/Gyn, Dr. Gupta is a trained sex therapist and counselor. She has continued to further her knowledge base to bring high quality care to her patients by integrating advances in modern gynecology, sexual therapy, anti-aging medicine and hormone replacement. She believes that the healing of the mind supports the healing of the body. Her holistic approach has made a difference in the lives of her patients as they discover their sexual selves and rekindle their intimate relationships with their partners.

While sex therapy employs many of the same principles as other modalities, there are specific techniques available for various sexual problems. Sessions are designed to move at a pace that helps patients feel safe and ready for the each step toward patient’s goals. Dr. Gupta works with individuals and couples and will create a treatment plan specifically for you. Unlike other therapy experiences, sex therapy may involve an explicit exploration of the sexual concerns. Sex therapy does not include touching or the use of surrogates

Dr. Gupta’s sexual wellness center, “Fusion Gyn” Offers

  1. Sexual Health Counseling
  2. Treatment of Low Libido (Hypoactive Sexual Desire)
  3. Treatment of Arousal/ Orgasmic Dysfunction
  4. Couples Counseling
  5. Menopause (Natural and hormonal management)
  6. Bio-identical Hormone Replacement
  7. Life Coaching
  8. Treatment of Sexual Pain.

Dr. Gupta has developed a distinctive approach in an effort to help patients reclaim their sexuality swiftly. She has pioneered a concierge model that provides sessions by appointment as needed. She is available for consultation in NYC and Queens.